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Aircraft Lease Management

Liberty BD Asset Management

At Liberty BD we understand the needs of aircraft owners, operators, service providers and manufacturers. Throughout an entire project the technical consultants at Liberty BD serve the international aviation community through hard work, experience and knowledge with an emphasis on service and integrity.

 Our Clients use our services and products to assist them in selecting, acquiring, operating and managing aircraft, spares, equipment and vendor services.

 A combined management, technical and operational background, along with years of hands on Airline and Maintenance Providers business experience, enables Liberty BD's consultants to provide clients definitive direction in making informed cost effective decisions about their aviation assets.

The majority of Liberty BD's consultancy is providing lease agreement delivery/redelivery contract review, management and hands on technical assistance in the aircraft leasing environment.

 Liberty BD believes that the understanding, evaluation and management of the compliance of the technical conditions at 'start of lease' and 'return off lease' is without doubt one of the most important financial factors often underestimated in the heat of commercial pressures to take delivery of aircraft.

Our Consultants have experience and detailed knowledge on all Boeing, Airbus, British Aerospace and Fokker commercial aircraft and the majority of other commercial aircraft manufactured in Europe and the USA.

An introduction to each of Liberty BD's Consultants is given in the Individual Profiles section of our web site which outlines their career background and areas of specialist knowledge and expertise. Below is an overview of the main managerial and primary technical services Liberty BD can provide to its Clients.

  • General Asset Management Issues
  • Aircraft, Equipment & Aviation Advisory
  • Aircraft Finance & Leasing Technical Advisory
  • MRO Sourcing and Evaluation
  • Aircraft Valuations
  • Lease Return Compliance
  • Pre-lease or Pre-purchase on site inspections and detailed condition reporting
  • Technical Records Review, Analysis and Auditing
  • Technical Representative Supply on and off site during all types of Aircraft and Engine Maintenance
  • Engineering Support and Approval Control [FAA, CAA (UK) & EASA]
  • Maintenance Planning and Bridging Formulation
  • All Aspects of Maintenance Provisioning including Interior Re-configuration
  • Full Analysis of AD, ASB, CPCP, ISIP and Ageing Aircraft requirements
  • LOPA Development, Costing and Re-configuration Project Management
  • Aircraft Repossessions
  • Aircraft Acquisitions
  • Aircraft Completions
  • Scanning and Electronic Archiving of all Active and Historical Aircraft Records
  • Maintenance Contract Negotiations and Mediation
  • Damage Assessments
  • Aircraft Accidents and Incidents Evaluation and Reporting
  • Expert Witness work for Aviation based court proceedings.
  • Market Research for Technical Decision Making.
  • Airline / Lessee Operational Assessment and Advisory
  • Reconstituting or Rebuilding of Lost Aircraft Technical Records

In summary, Liberty BD offers a unique blend of consulting services to both the business and commercial aviation markets. Knowledge, experience, integrity and communication are the cornerstones of our consulting activities. We look forward to providing a high value, bespoke solution to all your aviation related requirements.