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History in the past


  • “M/S Sharalima Enterprise” – A father’s business Company had taken over in the year 1989 & successfully run the show. It’s just a trading house & General suppliers. We participated so many tenders & furnished business with Director General & Defense Purchase (DGDP).
  • “M/S Shams Trading Co.” – Established in 1990 & participated in so many tender & supply businesses in the Govt. & Non-Govt. Organizations.
  • “M/S Shamsee Enterprise” – A Trading shop of house commodities established in 1997.
  • “Bangladesh Airways (Pvt.) Limited” – A Sponsor Director of the Company & taken a part roll of Managing Director from the Beginning. Established in 2003 as a private Airlines Operator.
  • “Liberty Bangladesh Limited” – Established in 2005 as the Managing Director of the Company & now doing all of the following business activities through this Company.