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Aviation Industry Business

Aviation Consultancy :

Feasibility study, business plan, airline certification and traffic rights

LBL consults point-to-point and/or network services.

  • Feasibility Study:

        MIDT market data and physical inspection, objectives related to current industry marketplace.

  • Business Plan:

        Single or multiple schedules including marketing, finance, operations and administration.

  • Certification / Rights:

        Airline AOC, Aircraft Registration and traffic rights under ASA for scheduled or charter status.


  • Aircraft Acquisition & Procurement,
  • Aircraft Lease Management
  • ACMI (Wet) Lease,
  • Dry Lease
  • Charter program,
  • Lease cum purchase
  • Aircraft Trading

LBL through its technical support team is able to advise all members of the aviation community, from prospective start-up airlines to existing operators, on all aspects of technical acquisition, inspection, integration and registration, through our close links with the manufacturers, and our considerable data base of maintenance and monitoring issues.

LBL can provide financial institutions and lessors with peace of mind by provisioning, documenting and monitoring all technical elements of their operating leases as well as the "between lease" maintenance, insurance and storage operations. The LBL technical team has many years of experience in the negotiation of aircraft purchase and lease agreements, with particular emphasis on delivery and re-delivery conditions

LBL also provides operational consulting on route analysis, airfield performance, real time payload/range and flight planning for all types of Boeing and Airbus equipment. LBL serves its customers in every aspect of aircraft acquisition and airline operation. LBL team is composed of experienced, independent aviation professionals.

  • Aircraft market demand & route analysis 
  • Aircraft Acquisition Short or long term
  • Aircraft on site inspection and detailed condition reporting
  • Aircraft Lease financing
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Dry or ACMI or All-inclusive services
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Engines, APUs, LDGs, A/C Components, LRUs, Rotables, Spare parts, Consumables etc
  • MRO sourcing
  • AOG Demand Services
  • Technical records review and analysis of associated cost impact
  • FAA/EASA Part – 145/147 consultancy
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