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Mission & Vission


We, the member of “Liberty Bangladesh” community strive for the highest standards in everything that we do. We, challenge each of ourselves to produce and adapt new knowledge at the leading edge of our disciplines, to create a professional environment and to show uncompromising dedication to those we serve.


In the 21st century, we will build on our garment heritage by providing innovative leadership in our programs and research and by inspiring and developing the leaders of the future.


We cultivate an environment of honesty, sincerity and trust in which we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. We believe integrity in the foundation of all moral character and are an essential trait for truly professional and personal lives.


From its earliest days, “Liberty” has honored and cherished its special responsibility to serve the people of Bangladesh. We at this community of “Liberty” extend this notion of responsibility to include service to the nation and the world by dedicating appropriate supporting programs to its communities having their standard of lives.



At Liberty Bangladesh, we create a unique atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and genuine interest in each other’s success. Our diverse mix of culture, religion, race, cast and experiences provides a variety of perspectives and talents that, when united through teamwork, strengths our ability to achieve our goals.


Liberty Bangladesh is committed to ethical business practice, a safe workplace, environmental responsibility, compliance with the law, and improving the communities in which we work.

We strictly monitor and enforce all the applicable code of vendor conducts in our factories in the following areas: Environment, Discrimination, Force Labor, Child Labor, Wages and hours, Working conditions, Housing, Education, Freedom of Association.